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What is Quality?
 Where are you on your Quality journey? If you are still wondering, the journey is not so much about do you believe in Quality (who wouldn’t), rather do you support and promote a culture of Quality behaviors. So here lies the conundrum of just what is Quality. After all, how can you support and promote Quality if you don’t know what it is. The old school belief is focused around the aspect of “control” as achieved through inspection. Newer thinking, of course, has moved to Lean/Six Sigma methodologies to improve Quality. As outstanding tools, they may reduce a product’s cycle time by some percentage and may eliminate material cost through redesign or better sourcing, but if the process is still operating with a 10% reject rate, the cost of defects (Quality) has not improved at all. You are just making product faster and cheaper without preventing the causes of the defects. This is not improving Quality.

I am promoting that Quality is defined as CPI. You might think of this acronym as Continuous Process Improvement, to which you are on the track of Lean/Six Sigma; which is not bad, but does not provide the complete solution. Quality in my view is described as Compliance, Prevention and Improvement. These, I believe, are the cornerstones of Quality focused behaviors that will drive cultural change in your company.

Compliance is the set of behaviors necessary to achieve and maintain conformance to the regulations associated with the industry standards (i.e. ISO, API, etc.) that your company chooses to adopt as standard practices to achieve and represent Quality output. Prevention is the set of behaviors associated with eliminating the opportunity for non-conformances from all processes within a company. Improvement is the set of behaviors that you instill in your team to remove waste from processes that have been proven to be capable of generating zero non-conformances.

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