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About Arron Angle
Arron comes from a background in industries ranging from high-tech commercial and consumer electronics, network communications equipment, to light and heavy manufacturing in the energy sector, Mr. Angle has built a broad spectrum of experience in mid-level to executive roles ranging from Operations, Supply Chain, Quality, Engineering and Project Management.

This background has allowed him to develop his critical thinking skills to understand an organization’s strengths and weaknesses; identify external threats and opportunities; define and adopt strategies to changing conditions while developing initiatives to achieve organizational goals and objectives. He coaches and mentors cross-functional teams to achieve exceptional rather than expected results that look beyond the quick, often not sustainable tactical fix to prevention based strategic initiatives that achieve long term sustainable results. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technologies with a Master of Science degree in Systems Management from University of Southern California (USC). The combination provides a unique perspective of the integration of supporting system processes that bring about profitable results.

Mr. Angle attributes his success to his passion for positive change and collaboration with decision makers at all levels to develop workable solutions and implementation plans; while providing effective communication and building consensus and commitment to change while preparing and supporting those affected by change; monitoring transitions and evaluating results.

Arron enjoys traveling with his wife. This picture was taken in Cappridocia, Turkey