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Are You Ready for a Quality Behavior Wake-up?

Are You Ready for a Quality Behavior Wake-up?

Monday, November 19, 2018


Arron Angle


  1. BBQ is a State of Mind
    23 Jul, 2017
    BBQ is a State of Mind
    For those who have been reading my blogs, you know this isn’t about cooking, but rather Behavior Based Quality. Yet there can be some similarities. Anyone who grills always shoots for perfection. In Quality terms, that’s Zero Defects. The behaviors of grilling actually embrace both safety and Quality behaviors by using proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as mittens or hot pads. Successful grilling also requires the use of Quality tools such as instant read thermometers to assure,
  2. Linear versus System Thinking
    11 Jul, 2017
    Linear versus System Thinking
    Do you ever wonder why some people just don’t get “it.” They move through life as a series of events befall them with no clue as to why things happen or don’t happen. In business we often see managers and executives that fail to see or understand the impact of decisions that they make or concepts that they promote. The people who think and behave like this are not bad folks, they are just afflicted with what I call Linear Thinking. Life to them is a chain of events as if they were lined up as
  3. The Tools of Quality, where do we go from here?
    11 Mar, 2017
    The Tools of Quality, where do we go from here?
    It seems as though the tools that are used to improve Quality have not changed much in the last 15 to 20 years, perhaps more. What we are seeing are variations on the theme as those wanting their place in history think up new ways to use old tools and then call it something different. Most of them are like retreads on old tires. They serve the purpose and achieve the objective and garner attention until the “new” wears off. We should be searching for the innovation that brings about profound
  4. What's your Quality Commitment?
    21 Feb, 2017
    Where is Management on Quality?
    While many companies say they are committed to Quality, organizational structure and behaviors may tell a different story. So what do Quality professionals do in a situation like this? I would suggest that they uniformly adopt the Behavior Based Quality (BBQ©) philosophy within their department by setting the example for incorporating the CPI behaviors of Compliance, Prevention and Improvement. This also means implementing metrics and taking the appropriate remedial corrective actions and
  5. Have You tuned up your BBQ lately?
    13 Feb, 2017
    Have You tuned up your BBQ lately?
    There was an article in today’s paper about Safety culture, or rather broken culture. Interestingly, the CEO being interviewed commented that people thought of Safety as a cost which he thought was a sign of a broken culture of safety. When he took over his new position he set about to turn that around and change the culture of the company to Behavior Based Safety. This ties very closely to what I have been promoting as Behavior Based Quality (BBQ) in my past posts. The CEO’s company was so tied
  6. Where have all the gurus gone?
    10 Feb, 2017
    Where have all the gurus gone?
    Everyone has an opinion about Quality, often misunderstood as to it purpose (Control or Assurance) and more often thought of as manufacturing or service specific. Few would acknowledge Quality as behavior based. Only when asked several leading questions might one come to the realization that Quality is a behavior. Once you understand this, it is not a great leap to believe that Quality is and should be pervasive throughout every organization of a company. I have written often in my past blogs of
  7. Is your BBQ working?
    09 Feb, 2017
    Is your BBQ working?
    It has occurred to me that part of the challenge of my BBQ (Behavior Based Quality) is that this is so far from the way people think in a work environment that they just don’t get it. Let’s take a different approach. What about Quality of life? We think of the Quality of our food, drinking water, air, service, entertainment and just about every aspect of our life that directly affects us. Most of us take actions to improve poor Quality in our non-work environment. Why not at work? Perhaps you
  8. Have you heard of the Gray Ceiling?
    05 Sep, 2016
    Have you heard of the Gray Ceiling?
    Have you experienced the “Gray Ceiling?” Months ago, I posted my thoughts on honoring “Gray Beards” as they provide the often unsung intelligence to a company.  Many industries are currently going through an economic transition and it seems that once the poor performers are weeded out the tenured employees more often than not are the next set of employees to be caught up in business down turns. The logic may seem clear to HR and senior managers as the tenured folks are typically are paid more
  9. Money Everywhere, but is it going where it counts?
    16 May, 2016
    Money Everywhere, but is it going where it counts?
    I hope we all would agree that Quality exists everywhere. We consider it in the things we buy and and the way people treat us and of course, we hear about it all the time in our place of work. Interestingly, much of corporate America tends to focus Quality concerns, corrective actions and improvement on manufacturing and service processes while not looking much deeper for additional opportunities throughout the company. What about another business function such as finance. Some would consider