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Qualnamics will help you to unlock the hidden potential of your business
What would it be worth to improve you business by 5%, 10% or even 25%? What if you could do so while improving the Quality of your products or services at the same time? You can! The process is called Qualnamics.
Options for using Qualnamics
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    Quality Awareness Sessions*
    + Learn the importance of adopting a CPI** based culture of Quality + Minimum half day fee applies
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    Unleash Quality Workshops*
    + Learn and implement the Three Phase Process of Qualnamics to reap benefits from Unleashing Quality in your company
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    Interim Management*
    + Temporary or interim management can help you through growth initiatives, restructuring or turn-around necessities. Contact us to discuss.
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    Facilitation & Training*
    + Capturing and maintaining improvement results + Let's discuss how retainer or fee based support may work to your best advantage
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* Travel expenses may apply for distances greater than 100 miles from The Woodlands, Texas
** CPI stands for: Conformance, Prevention and Improvement